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If you have a Toyota Tacoma, chances are that you've seen the "MAINT REQD" warning light in the instrument cluster or a message saying "Maintenance Required Soon" in the driver information display. You may be wondering what it means, and if you're looking for a guide on how to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Tacoma, read on.

The Toyota Tacoma maintenance light is simply Toyota's way to remind you that the time for an oil change is drawing near. In older Tacomas, this is done by means of an amber "MAINT REQD" warning light in the instrument cluster; 2018+ Tacomas are somewhat more polite, with their "Maintenance Required Soon" message in the driver's information display. Either way, these warnings will let you know when an oil change is due. Doorbell Push Button Switch

Resetting The Maintenance Light On a  Toyota Tacoma | CarBuzz

2012-2017 Tacomas will illuminate the warning light for three seconds upon initial start-up before flashing for another 15 seconds if the vehicle has covered more than 4,500 miles since the last reset, but will remain illuminated once 5,000 miles has passed to emphasize that an oil change is now overdue.

Earlier examples used two similar procedures to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Tacoma, and an even-easier procedure was applied for later models. All three procedures can be performed at home, and none of them need any special equipment.

The 1st- and early 2nd gen Toyota Tacoma maintenance light reset procedure is a very straightforward operation.

The Tacoma was facelifted for 2012, and 2013, 2014, and 2015 models carried over until the third generation was unveiled for the 2016 model year; resetting the maintenance light on these Toyota Tacomas is simple and was kept as the early 3rd-gen Toyota Tacoma maintenance light reset procedure, too:

To clear the maintenance light on a Toyota Tacoma from 2018 model years and after, follow this procedure:

The Toyota Tacoma's maintenance reminder warning light is just that - a reminder to perform an oil service. There will be no effect on the Toyota Tacoma's functionality if the light is flashing or illuminated, so you can continue driving - you must conduct the necessary maintenance, however, if you want your Tacoma to function optimally. Toyota certainly hopes that this shining light will shame you into getting an oil service performed as soon as possible - sufficient oil levels and fresh oil when needed are necessary for the longevity of your Tacoma.

Resetting The Maintenance Light On a  Toyota Tacoma | CarBuzz

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